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Super Grands
World Games XXIX
December 26-31, 2018


Buffalo Advantages
2. Least expensive SG hotel rooms with indoor heated pool
3. Most function space
4. Free airport shuffle
5. Niagara Falls only 1/2 hour away


The up-scale Buffalo Grand Hotel features one of the nicest competition arenas that the Super Grands has ever secured, yet we’ve managed to retain a reasonable guest room rate ($139). Located on the Lake Erie Waterfront at the mouth of the Niagara River in the heart of downtown Buffalo, the hotel is a short 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls and Canada. Niagara Falls highlights include special holiday “Festival of Lights” at the falls with colorful illumination, the gaming casinos and attractions on Clifton Hill with Planet Hollywood, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the Hershey Store, etc. Don’t forget your passport if you want to enter into Canada for all Niagara Falls attractions. 

The Buffalo Grand Insentive

The Buffalo Grand has agreed to shuttle hotel guests to and from the airport this year, first come, first serve for free and get this... as available, upon request, they will shuttle registered Hotel guests to choices:
1. Niagara Falls
2. Seneca Niagara Casino
3. Galleria Mall
4. Buffalo Science Museum
5. Albright Knox Arts Gallery
6. Pierce Arrow Automobile Museum
7. Buffalo Science Museum
8. Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House
9. Chippewa Street or your favorite restaurant within 2 miles of the city
SPECIAL - The Buffalo Grand will also be offering a Pizza/Wings bar all you can eat for $10 each evening before and after each Finale.

The dates will be the same as last year, December 26-31 and the schedule of events will be identical to last year.

Guest rooms are $139 or $159 for upgraded club level with microwave and refrigerator.

Remember you must stay at the Super Grands hotel to receive the discounted player registration fees.

Reservations (cancellation permitted until November 30, thereafter one night will be charged for cancellation):

Phone 716-845-5100 (must mention "Super Grands" or "karate tournament")
Online: https://reservations.travelclick.com/15259?groupID=2264358 (Please phone hotel if you have any problems with online reservations)

For Further Information Including Guest Room Suites
Phone - 716-763-1111

- 7-11pm Registration
2-11pm Registration 7:27pm NBL Team Forms, Self Defense, Breaking, Jr Team Sparring, Weapons, Junior & Adult Continuous Stick Fighting

9-5pm Registration 7:27pm Team Grand Finale - Junior & Adult Teams
11am NBL -
Junior Kenpo Forms, Musical Weapons, Point Sparring, Point Stick Fighting
      - Adult Kenpo & Soft Forms, Men’s & Mixed Team Sparring, Point Stick Fighting    
Amateurs - Musical Forms, Creative Weapons
8-5pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 1 - Junior Point Sparring, Weapons, Japanese, Kenpo & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Soft & Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons
- Adult - Soft & Korean Forms, Point Sparring & Weapons
Amateurs - Japanese & Korean Forms, Musical Weapons
8-1pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 2 - Adult Point Sparring, Weapons, Soft & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Musical, Creative & Korean Forms, Continuous Sparring
- Adult - Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons, Point Sparring
Amateurs - Musical, Japanese & Korean Forms, BB Divisions
8-1pm Registration
10am NBL - Junior - Musical Forms 2:27pm Grand Finale 3 - Junior Continuous
Sparring, Contemporary and Korean Forms
- Adult - Creative & Musical Forms, Continuous Sparring 7:27pm Grand Finale 4 - Adult Continuous Sparring, Contemporary and Traditional Forms
Amateurs - Traditional Forms, Musical & Traditional Weapons, SD, Breaking & Team Sparring, BB Divisions
8-2pm Registration 6:00pm Super Show - Awards Banquet and Overall Grandchampionships
11pm New Year’s Party
10am Amateurs - Junior & Adult Contemporary Forms, Chinese/Kenpo Forms, Sparring, BB Divisions


You can fill out your cards directly in your computer and print them off to send in. All you need is Adobe Acrobat. Just click on the links below, and download the player cards. General information (Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 & the top of the backside) such as your name, country, state, etc. will be automatically filled in on all your cards when you first fill in your first card. You just need to enter specific information on each card such as division number, conference, national ranking, etc.

The following is REQUIRED:

1. All forms cards MUST be printed in yellow paper
2. All sparring cards MUST be printed in gray paper
3. All cards MUST be printed on one page front and back. We WILL NOT accept player’s cards glued or stapled together.
4. DO NOT forget to sign each card on the back.

How to Fill in a Player Card for the Super Grands and Amateur Int'ls

If you have any doubts on how to properly fill your player cards with your
NBL or SKIL rankings, please click on

How to - Super Grands Player's Cards for NBL

How to - Amateur Int'ls Player's Cards for SKIL

and follow the simple and easy instructions. You can pre-register as soon as the
FINAL NBL or SKIL Rankings are available online.

Tournament Information
Phone - 716-763-1111
Email - info@nblskil.com