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Super Grands World Games
How to Fill Out Your Player Cards Ratings for the
Super Grands

Note: Any information you omit may cause you to miss your division or be given incorrect seeding (positioning).
1. Front Side of Card - Completely fill in numbers to on the top front side of your first card. Make sure that the “DIVISION NUMBER” is clearly printed with large and legible numbers (see example below).
2. Access and Print Your Rankings to Fill in Number - You must first print a copy of your rankings for the division that you’re filling your card out for, if you have an NBL ranking in this division. Click on NBL Ratings (a new window will open) and type in your full name and the division number (i.e., John Smith – N-24) then click “Submit”. Print a copy of this rankings chart and return to these directions. If you do not have a ranking simply put a check () at number where it says “Not NBL rated in this division (wild card) () " (Brown color in our example).
3. Study Example - To fill in your rankings (number ) refer to example below following the color coded arrows and directions for each national and regional conference and compare with your own printed rankings chart.
4. To Fill in Number - Look at the “Ranking” column on your printed rankings chart. Notice that the column with your rankings are displayed from the highest to the lowest. Number 1 being the highest and 5 the lowest. (see our example).
5. National Conference - Now look at the “National Conference” column and the first National Conference entry (CanAm in our example - blue color).
6. National Rankings - Now slide your finger to your left on the same row as your first National Conference entry and look at your ranking under the “Ranking” column. That’s your highest National rank in the division you printed out. (In our example - blue color: John Smith took 1(st) in the CanAm National Conference). Now proceed to fill in the number ; “Highest NBL Nat. Rank” and Conference” on your player card. (1 and CAN in our example).

Repeat these same steps and get your second and third highest ranking (if any) in a national conference. (In example second best for John Smith is 3(rd) in Latin American (LAT) and third best is 3(rd) in Western Pacific (WP))

7. Regional Conferences - Look at the “Regional Conference” column on your chart and find your highest regional conference ranking (Bayou in our example - green color).
8. Regional Ranking - Repeat the same steps to record your regional rankings on your player card. (In our example - green color: John Smith’s highest is 1 in the Bayou, second highest is 1 in Maple Leaf and third highest is 2 in Mid-Atlantic.)
9. Backside of Card - You must to fill out the entire backside of your player card according to the directions at the top of the back of the card and sign at the bottom.

Congratulations! You are ready to compete for a World Title.

IMPORTANT - If you do not fill in your rankings you WILL NOT be seeded!