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Super Grands
World Games XXX
December 26-31, 2019


Discover the reimagined DoubleTree by Hilton Jamestown hotel and experience unique world-class service. Located in the heart of Jamestown, the newly opened hotel is within a block or two of nearly all downtown attractions. Share some laughs at the National Comedy Center or visit the Lucy/Desi Museum. The Northwest Ice Arena hosts great sporting events and recreational activities. Experience the unique culture of Jamestown when you visit the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, Little Theater, or the locally owned shops and boutiques.

The exceptional service begins with a warm DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie at check-in & FREE Continental Breakfast in the morning. Relax in newly renovated guest rooms featuring Sweet DreamsŪ beds, a 50-inch HDTV, WiFi, mini-fridge, coffeemaker and work desk.

Guest rooms are $139 for deluxe rooms with refrigerator and includes FREE continental breakfast.

Remember you must stay at the Super Grands hotel to receive the discounted player registration fees. (SEE BOX BELOW)

Reservations (cancellation permitted until November 21st, thereafter one night will be charged for cancellation):

Phone 716-488-7227 (must mention "Super Grands" or "karate tournament")
Online: https://doubletree.hilton. (Please phone hotel if you have any problems with online reservations)


Many amateur sports are now requiring that participants stay at their host hotels in order for the hotel to produce sufficient revenue to provide function space at a reasonable cost for the event. In order to provide the facility space needed for a successful SG, we embrace a similar requirement. In effect each paid guest room will help offset the expense of the event. While we are not requiring participants to stay at the tournament hotel, those that are registered at the hotel during the competition days under our Group Code at $139 will be given vouchers to submit at the SG registration to receive discounts of $125 off per each individual entry. (Note: The $125 registration discount automatically apply to local competitors with proof of home zip codes in New York or Pennsylvania starting with 140, 141, 142, 147, 163, 164, 165 & 167, but only if they are commuting to and from Super Grands each day. Any other exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and must be approved by the NBL offices by November 21. Phone 716-763-1111).

To receive the competitor voucher(s) for registration discount, the player’s name (or parent/guardians name for 17 & under) must be registered as a guest of the hotel for the days of their competition and booked under the SG Group Code and paying the Group rate of $139 or be SG Staff. (No hotel reward points can be used toward booking hotel rooms). There will be a limit of 2 adult names allowed to be registered per room that can receive vouchers and thus the player registration discounts. Please do not think having more in your room or trying to put more on the hotel registration rooming list will gain any tournament registration discounts, as the hotel is only giving the allotted amount of vouchers despite how many people are actually staying in the room or what the room costs. (Families, parents/guardians staying at the hotel with more than 3 family competitors are exempt and will receive competition registration discounts). When the hotel books up no more player registration discounts will be given.

For Further Information Including Guest Room Suites
Phone - 716-763-1111

- 7-11pm Registration
2-11pm Registration 7:27pm NBL Team Forms, Self Defense, Breaking, Jr Team Sparring, Weapons, Junior & Adult Continuous Stick Fighting

9-5pm Registration 7:27pm Team Grand Finale - Junior & Adult Teams
11am NBL -
Junior Kenpo Forms, Musical Weapons, Point Sparring, Point Stick Fighting
      - Adult Kenpo & Soft Forms, Men’s & Mixed Team Sparring, Point Stick Fighting    
Amateurs - Musical Forms, Creative Weapons
8-5pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 1 - Junior Point Sparring, Weapons, Japanese, Kenpo & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Soft & Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons
- Adult - Soft & Korean Forms, Point Sparring & Weapons
Amateurs - Japanese & Korean Forms, Musical Weapons
8-1pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 2 - Adult Point Sparring, Weapons, Soft & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Musical, Creative & Korean Forms, Continuous Sparring
- Adult - Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons, Point Sparring
Amateurs - Musical, Japanese & Korean Forms, BB Divisions
8-1pm Registration
10am NBL - Junior - Musical Forms 2:27pm Grand Finale 3 - Junior Continuous
Sparring, Contemporary and Korean Forms
- Adult - Creative & Musical Forms, Continuous Sparring 7:27pm Grand Finale 4 - Adult Continuous Sparring, Contemporary and Traditional Forms
Amateurs - Traditional Forms, Musical & Traditional Weapons, SD, Breaking & Team Sparring, BB Divisions
8-2pm Registration 6:00pm Super Show - Awards Banquet and Overall Grandchampionships
11pm New Year’s Party
10am Amateurs - Junior & Adult Contemporary Forms, Chinese/Kenpo Forms, Sparring, BB Divisions


You can fill out your cards directly in your computer and print them off to send in. All you need is Adobe Acrobat. Just click on the links below, and download the player cards. General information (Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 & the top of the backside) such as your name, country, state, etc. will be automatically filled in on all your cards when you first fill in your first card. You just need to enter specific information on each card such as division number, conference, national ranking, etc.

The following is REQUIRED:

1. All forms cards MUST be printed in yellow paper
2. All sparring cards MUST be printed in gray paper
3. All cards MUST be printed on one page front and back. We WILL NOT accept player’s cards glued or stapled together.
4. DO NOT forget to sign each card on the back.

How to Fill in a Player Card for the Super Grands and Amateur Int'ls

If you have any doubts on how to properly fill your player cards with your
NBL or SKIL rankings, please click on

How to - Super Grands Player's Cards for NBL

How to - Amateur Int'ls Player's Cards for SKIL

and follow the simple and easy instructions. You can pre-register as soon as the
FINAL NBL or SKIL Rankings are available online.

Tournament Information
Phone - 716-763-1111
Email - info@nblskil.com