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..Battle of Texas
Union County f
March 1, Galveston, Texas, USA - The thirtieth annual Battle of Texas was held in Galveston, Texas on March first. The new San Luis Galveston Convention(...) February 9, Monroe, North Carolina, USA - It might have been a little cold outside, but the competition was on fire at the Cuddy Arena on the campus of Wingate(...)

..War Angel Challenge
January 19, Dillon, South Carlina, USA - Over 350 competitors and hundreds of spectators from Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina came out for Waynes(...)

Union County Classic f
July 21, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - The 13th Annual Whirlwind Classic tournament hosted by Larry Wells Sr. and his wife Denise was again an overwhelming success. East(...)
February 3, Monroe, South Carolina, USA -It might have been a little cold and rainy outside, but the competition was on fire at the Cuddy Arena on the beautiful (...)

..Battle of Texas
War Angel Challengef
March 3, Texas City, USA - This year’s Battle of Texas was once again held in the renowned Collage of the Mainland. This venue has been the site of countless(...)
January 20, Dillon, South Carolina, USA - Competitors from Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina arrived January 20 to attend Wayne and Kenny Green’s annual(...)