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.Battle of the Champions

International El Gran Jaguar..

July 7-8, El Paso, Texas, USA - El Paso Texas was once a small Spanish mission founded by the conquistador Don Juan De Onate. As the southwest grew this little outpost expanded into a stopover point for(...) July 21-22, Guatemala City, Guatemala - The Mayan empire was one of the greatest civilizations in world history. They ruled central America until the eighth century AD. Great structures built by them still (...)
.Duel in the Desert
Mexican Open..

August 4-5, Las Vegas, Nevada,USA - X(...)

September 1-2, Acapulco, Mexico - As the plane touched down I found myself breathing a sigh of relief. I hate flying and these days it’s almost more hassle than its worth. You’ll notice I said almost. Heading for(...)

Super Grands Schedulinr..

September 22-23, Savannah, Georgia,USA - What does it take to become a Survivor? If you are a fan of the CBS hit reality series, you know it’s a competition of will power and courage as contestants are isolated in(...)