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Avalanche Nationals
October 1-2, Layton, Utah, USA - Winners

Mexican Open..
Septiembre 24-25, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - Winners
Septiembre 3-4, Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico - Winners

..Battle of the Champions
Top Ten..
August 20, El Paso, Texas - Winners
July 30, Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA - Winners

..El Gran Jaguar
Kumite Classic..
Julio 16, Guatemala City, Guatemala - Ganadores
May 28-29, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Winners

.Top Ten
Pacific Jewel..
May 22-23, México D.F., México - Ganadores
May 7-8, Portland, Oregon, USA - Winners

.Golden Gate Nationals
Campeones del Golfo..
April 9-11, San Francisco, California, USA - Anyone over 50 (closer to 60 in my case) who spends three days at a karate tournament is young at heart. No doubt about it... being around the young and not-so-young(...) Marzo 27-28, Veracruz, Mexico - Superando todas las expectativas, el torneo más esperado del año, Campeones del Golfo 2010 fue todo un éxito. El hermoso Puerto de Veracruz y el Hotel Galería Plaza fué sede de éste magno(...)

Kumite Classic..
September 25-26, 2009, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - Winners
August 21-23, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Winners

Gran Jaguar..
August 1, Jekyll Island, South Carolina, USA - Winners
July 17-18, 2009, Guatemala City, Guatemala - Winners

.Battle of the Champions
Pacific Jewel..
July 10-11, El Paso, Texas, USA - Winners
May 8-9, Portland, Oregon, USA - Winners

.Salt City Nationals
Campeoes del Golfo..
April 17-18, Salt Lake, Utah, USA - Winners
April 4-5, Veracruz, Mexico - Winners

.Showdown in H-Town
Golden Gate Nationals..
March 13, Houston, Texas, USA - Winners
February 20-22, San Francisco, California, USA - Winners

.Ironman International
Mexican Open..
September 27-28, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - Winners
August 29-30, Acapulco, Mexico - Winners

.Long Beach Internationals
August 1-3, Long Beach, California, USA - Winners
August 1-2, Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA - Winners

.El Gran Jaguar.
Battle of Champions..
Julio 18-19, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala - Ganadores
July 12-13, El Paso, Texas, USA - Ganadores

.Kumite Classic
Pacific Jewel..
May 23-24, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Winners
May 9-10, Portland, Oregon, USA - Winners

.Goden Gate Int'ls
April 18-19, San Francisco, California, USA - Winners

El Gran Jaguar
July 20-21, Guatemala City, Guatemala - Winners
.Mexican Open Survivor...
August 31-September 1, Acapulco, Gerrero, Mexico - Winners
August 24-25, Savannah, Georgia, USA - Winners

.Duel in the Desert Pacific Jewel...
August 3-4, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Winners May 25-26, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - The 2007 Kumite Classic Internationals, held May 25-26, 2007 in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, was Willie Hicks'(....)

.Battle of Champions

Kumite Classic...
May 11-12, Vancouver, Washington, USA - Results
May 11-12, Vancouver, Washington, USA - There was big competition at the 2007 Pacific Jewel Nationals which proved you don’t always need a huge cityscape to(...)

..Golden Gate Nationals
Salt City Nationals..
April 13-14, San Francisco, California, USA - This year's Golden Gates brought the upbeat pulse of San Francisco together with the sport of martial arts. Some people(...)
March 9-10, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Mild weather, an excellent facility and great competition greeted competitors who participated in the 2007 Salt City(...)