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Cover Stories
Issue #100
...Cover Story – Jordan Simon
World Champion– Mike Spizzuco...
Santa Monica, California, USA - He’s any parents’ dream child; mild mannered, reserved, polite and talented karate kid that does his parents proud, winning up a storm at tournaments( ...)
Somers Point, New Jersey, USA - Breakers are a bit crazy. After all who would punch concrete, just for fun?". This from the lips of five time world champion breaker, Mike Spizzuco. " A bit ?"... (...)

Issue #99
...Cover Story – Joshua Durbin
World Champion– Willie Hicks...
Parker, Colorado, USA - Most of us know of Joshua Durbin’s tricking ability. His extreme techniques always gather a crowd watching to see his latest crazy stunt and whether he can pull(...)
Brentwood, California, USA - “I am blessed, not lucky”, so I was told by Willie Hicks during his interview when I teased him that he was lucky that he hadn’t been caught causing any major trouble(...)

Issue #98
...Cover Story – Dan Marshall
World Champion– Jordan Simon...
Ludowici, Georgia, USA - “Dan, Dan the Garbage Can”, so he’s affectionally known amongst his closest friends. It may be hard to call that jingle “affectionate” but as his friends know, Dan(...)
Malibu, California, USA -After writing as many of these stories as I have, it has eventually sunk in that if I want the real scoop on my subject then I have to interview those that are closest to them. (...)

Issue #97
...Cover Story – Gene Middleton
World Champion– Daniela Barrientos...
Ludowici, Georgia, USA - “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”, so touts a t-shirt that Gene Middleton is fond of wearing with a cartoon depiction of a kid accidentally getting his(...) Estado de Mexico, Mexico - Leafing through the pages of old Sport Karate Magazines can be quite entertaining. There’s where you get a chance to see veteran players in their younger less(...)

Issue #96
...Cover Story – Kyle Gray
World Champion– Bill Hunter...
Buffalo, New York, USA - At eleven years old, Kyle Gray had developed two favorite hobbies, that of becoming a young karate champion winning five world competition titles and a(...)
White Horse, Yukon Territory, Canada - “There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold; the Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood(...)

Issue #95
...Cover Story – Lauren Ferguson
World Champion– Mia Caldwell...
Critz, Virginia, USA - “Will the real Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson please stand up? There seems to be an identity crisis between a few of the members of the highly touted Team FX of Virginia(...)
El Paso, Texas, USA - Cute as a “bugs ear”! I clearly recall the first time I set eyes on Mia Caldwell. It was in the Super Grands World Games Grand Finale in Panama City, Florida(...)

Issue #94
...Cover Story – Gina Thornton
World Champion– Jerico Catura...
Roanoke, Virginia, USA - Blame it all on her dad! As an eight year old “runt”, as she referred to herself as, Gina Thornton never gave martial arts any thought as she was challenged by a gang(...)
San Jose & Fresno, California, USA - “Don’t cry over spilled milk” may be the expression that moms have used on their kids to express the unnecessary fussing over minor incidents(...)

Issue #93
...Cover Story – Sage Northcutt
World Champion– Jason Holmes...
Katy, Texas, USA - Fishing for ’gators, catching birds with his bare hands and touting armadillos on a leash... sounds more like the adventurous for a wild man of the outback than it does the(...)
Los Angeles, California, USA - They call him J-Dog, but no one knows exactly why, not even himself, believe it or not. He’s a product of the famed Cecil Peoples’ Karate in Southern(...)

Issue #92
...Cover Story – Felipe Alvarez

World Champion – Chwlsey Nash...
Guatemala City, Guatemala - Back in the late 1990’s Erick Schumann’s team of NBL and Amateur players from the tiny Central American country of Guatemala were undoubtedly the(...)
Binbrook, Ontario, Canada - Having known Chelsey Nash since infancy makes it more difficult to write a story on a serious note as we’ve tended to tease each other ever since(...)

Issue #91
...Cover Story – Regena Thompson
World Champion – Shane Baker ...
Houston, Texas, USA - Preparing to write a short cover story about a 20 title, sport karate world champion is about as challenging as arranging all the staff a Super Grands and then trying to(...)
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada - Few sport karate players will ever be able to make their mark winning initial world titles the way Canadian, Shane Baker has. He seemed to have appeared(...)