Anyone in good standing with SPORT KARATE INTERNATIONAL (SKIL) can sanction their tournament. Simply follow the requirements listed below for the desired sanctioning and send us the completed “AGREEMENT TO SANCTION TOURNAMENT” form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sanctioning applications must be approved by the SKIL executive offices and through any regional director before any advertising is permitted. Your acceptance as a sanctioned SKIL tournament promoter will be the delivery of your SKIL results forms via email or US mail or United Parcel Service (UPS) after submitting your application by phone or mail.

“AAA”, “AA” and “A” sanctioned tournaments award points to the top 8 place winners; “BBB”, “BB” and “B” sanctioned tournaments award points to the top 4 place winners; and “C” sanctioned tournaments awards points to the top 3 place winners. SKIL rankings do not award points to grand champions. If your tournament is not going to use the SKITA rules, please state the rules your tournament will follow in your brochure so your attendees will know. SKIL Rankings will only process results on SKIL results forms (which will be emailed to you after you have agreed to sanction your tournament). It is preferred for unity’s sake, but not a requirement, that all tournaments use 17 and under as juniors, 18 and over as adult and 35 and over as senior divisions. NBL tournaments are exempt from all SKIL sanctioning criteria. If any promoter pays for a sanctioning and does not have the tournament that he/she sanctioned, he/she has until the end of the season to use that sanctioning for the same or a different tournament. The season runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year. There are NO REFUNDS.

SKIL Tournament Sanctioning (PDF Format)