National Blackbelt League



Both junior point and continuous sparring division are determined first by your age and then your weight. As a junior player, if your weight changes or fluctuates during the year you must decide what division you want all your points to reside at the end of the season (October). Unless you inform us differently in the correct manner via NBL point chart by October 10th (or the last NBL tournament if there is one after that date that you compete at), all your junior player’s points in both point and continuous sparring will probably be bumped into the weight division you competed in at your LAST NBL tournament of the season. Fees for changes apply thereafter. Players MUST compete in the division at the Super Grands (SG) at the weight they weighed in at SG registration regardless of where their points are in the rankings, so players must make sure their points are in the division that they will weigh at in the SG.

If the tournament you are competing at is a Regional NBL and does not offer all the 120 NBL divisions and is combining some of them, make sure to circle the division number that applies to you. Example: if the tournament combines divisions N-73/74/75 and you want your points into go to N-73, then write N-73/74/75 for the division number on your card but circle “73”. However, in tournaments with combined divisions we will proceed to place your points in the division according to the weight in the official “weight stamp” box first, but if the official weight is missing we will use the division you circle and, second, the weight you wrote down in the weight boxes.

If the official weight is missing and you omitted to circle the division number where you want your points to go or omitted your age and weight, then your points will probably be placed in the heaviest weight division of the age group your card is part of.

Here are some suggestions to make sure your points go into the division you want.
1. MOST IMPORTANT - Make sure that the Official Weight is written down and signed off at the tournament registration in the space provided for the official weight stamp.

2. Make sure to fill out the correct division number(s) for the division you’re competing in and circle the division number that applies to you.

3. Fill in your your NBL age (age as of January 1) and your weight in the blank spaces provided on your player card.